InCAP 2019

2nd Indian Conference on Antennas & Propagation (InCAP2019)
December 19-22, 2019 | Ahmedabad, India

Last date for Student Travel Grant Application is October 31, 2019

Notification of Acceptance : September 14, 2019

Early Bird Registration : October 31, 2019

Last Date for Registration : Dec 10, 2019

Congratulations! 2018 IEEE Indian Conference on Antennas and Propogation (InCAP) has been posted to the IEEE Xplore digital library effective 2019-07-25

InCAP2019 has instituted numerous awards through generous grants from several prominent members of the IEEE APS Society. Details of the awards and selection criteria are given below. The awardees need to register, attend the conference and present their papers in order to be eligible for receiving the awards.

Lot Shafai Award: For outstanding research or application paper in Antennas & Electomagnetics
INR 40,000, plaque and certificate
Prabhakar Pathak Award: Innovative solution/design to an EM/Antenna problem developed from a strong theoretical basis
INR 21,000, plaque and certificate
Sudhakar Rao Awards: Best student application papers having relevance to antenna industry
INR 20,000, plaque and certificate for male student & INR 20,000, plaque and award for female student
Sungtek Kahng Award: Best paper dealing with theory/practice of antennas using metamaterials or metasurfaces
INR 20,000 and certificate
C.J. Reddy Best Paper Awards for Young Professionals: Winners should be under 36 years of age, must be the first author, and should present the paper in person during the conference
INR 15,000, plaque and certificate for male & INR 15,000, plaque and certificate for female
Desmond Sim Award for Best Antenna Design Paper related to Small Antennas/5G Technology
INR 10,000 and certificate for male student & INR 10,000 and certificate for female student
Student Project Competition Awards: INR 7000 each (two 1st places) & INR 5000 each (two 2nd places)
B.Tech/BSc Project: INR 7,000 & INR 5,000 & M.Tech/MSc Project: INR 7,000 & INR 5,000 | Each awardee gets a certificate
Franco Bardelli Best Student Paper Award
INR 5000 and certificate
NNSSRK Prasad Award for Best Female Student (Female)
INR 5000 and certificate

Grant from Raj Mittra Foundation

Raj Mittra Foundation (RMF) announces all-inclusive travel grant for InCAP-2019.

About the Raj Mittra Foundation

The objective of RMF is to support education and research in the field of electromagnetics, especially computational electromagnetics with focus on providing opportunities to the upcoming generation of Ph.D. students.


RMF announces an award, namely Raj Mittra Grant in India(RMGI), for Ph.D. students, studying in India, in the honor of Prof. Raj Mittra. The award will include travel grant (AC II tire train fare), conference registration, and hotel accommodation for one participant of the IEEE Indian Conference on Antennas and Propagation (InCAP-2019), Ahmedabad, India. As the award will be given at the conference venue, the awardee is required to provisionally make his/her own arrangements to attend the conference.

Eligibility for RMGI

Ph.D. candidates, studying in India in the field of electromagnetics, may apply for this award. The successful candidate will be selected based on the biodata, research publication, Ph.D. research plan, and the paper accepted at IEEE InCAP-2019. Importance will be given to the works dealing with the fundamental physics and/or mathematics of engineering electromagnetics.

Application criteria are as follows

  • Completion of at least two years in the Ph.D. program on the day of the last date of application
  • The doctoral degree must not have been awarded on the day of the last date of application
  • Acceptance of at least one paper in IEEE InCAP 2019 with the candidate as the first author

Application Procedure for RMGI

To be considered for the RMGI, the applicants are required to provide the following information:
  • A brief resume (maximum two pages)
  • List of publication [Enlist only SCI (extended) indexed journals and international conferences]
  • Accepted IEEE InCAP 2019 paper where he/she is the first author
  • Copy of IEEE InCAP 2019 paper acceptance
  • A brief description of planned Ph.D. research work (maximum one page)
  • Official document, shoeing the date of enrolment in the PhD program
  • A recommendation letter from PhD supervisor [This recommendation letter should also mention that the PhD degree (including the provisional degree) is not going to be awarded by the last date of application for RMGI

Application Deadline for RMGI

Application should be sent via email to the coordinators of the program at and with “RMGI”in the subject line no later than October 31, 2019. The successful candidate will be notified by November 15, 2019

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